Pulse update: stocked up & in our new warehouse near LAX!

 Our team has been making some big moves over the last few months! We are happy to say that despite the current global supply chain shortages, we are fully stocked and shipping within one business day of your order being placed on our website!

 As we've grown, we have made it a priority of ours to choose local when possible. In doing so, we've been able to secure a solid stock of devices, all while supporting our local community. When you purchase from Pulse, you can be rest assured that you are getting a high-quality monitor assembled by hand right here in California.

      a group of One monitors on table with components showing during assembly    

 In other exciting news, we are officially settled in our spacious new warehouse near LAX! The extra room is allowing our team to absolutely crush it with device assembly and order packing (shoutout to our Operations Manager, Josh)!

Things are moving fast around here, and we couldn't have gotten into this space without the support from all of you over the last few years. Considering we started Pulse working out of Chris's living room, this has been a surreal move for us, and we are looking forward to the new opportunities and expansion that this space will allow for. Thank you from all of us here at Pulse!

Chris's Apartment, where it all began back in 2018: 

        Work bench with supplies and monitors laid out    

        close up of 2018 Pulse one monitors being built on table

A look at our new HQ near LAX:

        Front door of Pulse Labs with plants and greenery

        full inside view of the new warehouse with rows of tables and supplies

        Front view of a bright orange toolbox and table with product boxes stacked up
        Small black dog looking out of two open loading dock doors
        Large brown box on cart with orange tape
        VPD Poster unrolled and laid out on table
        rows and rows of Pulse Pro outer casing during assembly
        A table with packages of flat product boxes
        trays or monitor components on table
        a box of Pulse Pros packed up and ready to ship
        Outside building of the warehouse with blue skies

 We welcome you to stop by the new warehouse to say hey and meet our team; we can get you hooked up with some swag and show you around the place!

Also, keep your eyes out; soon, we will be sharing "In The Lab" days to bring you behind the scenes here at our new space. We look forward to showing you all a side of Pulse that you haven't yet gotten to see! Stay tuned! 

- All of us here at Pulse

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