Creatives In The Community: Liam of The Censored Canvas

Creatives In The Community

Artist: Liam Goodman of @Cannabis.creations / @thecensoredcanvas



Our new series, Creatives In The Community, is all about highlighting the talented creators within the cannabis and horticulture space! What's a better way to kick things off than with a feature from our friend Liam Goodman, owner of The Censored Canvas. Liam specializes in Drawing and sculpting, both skills he's been building upon his whole life. He has been focusing on creating cannabis themed art since August 2017. We first came across his work on Instagram last year and we were mind-blown by his immaculate attention to detail and talent for drawing realism. Over the time we have been following him, we’ve watched him take on a wide range of projects, including some incredible macro drawings, fan leaf inspired fashion sketches, a killer concentrates/tool collection, and so much more.

Tell us about your creative process?

"I enjoy looking at where my artwork can reach long term. I tend to think ahead (as far as what will be impactful), looking back 10-20 years at what I've accomplished in the cannabis space. I strongly believe there is a lack of cannabis in realism that I can help fill over time. Planning as many series around the plant as I can, allows me to continue to plan further and further down the road. Being able to focus on different elements of the plant along with substyles, breeds endless opportunities for creativity. Starting with the perfect reference and a confident color palette, all that is left is the time it takes to turn a blank sheet of paper into a work of art."



How did you get started?

"Attending a cannabis consumption lounge, a worker who had seen my previous non-cannabis-related drawings asked if I had ever drawn cannabis, something they could display at their location. To which as a realistic portrait artist I had never considered, which started my career as a cannabis artist."


Do you have a specific mission statement / goal behind your work?

“To continue to provide elevated alternative cannabis artwork for those who share similar standards in the cannabis community.”


What interests you, Liam?

“I enjoy learning how and why people do and think the way they do.”


We asked Liam why he does what he does, to which he said, "It gives me great fulfillment and purpose." He went on to say that "Without other creatives, cultivators, breeders, and photographers, the pages of my drawing books would remain blank." This speaks to the point that growers and artists within this community are naturally intertwined; turning to one another for support, inspiration, and encouragement. There are endless forms of innovation, whether it be through technology, cultivation, or art!

To further share his art, we have purchased fifty of his badass macro trichome 6"x8" prints on matte paper and while supplies last, we will be sending one of these limited edition prints along with every order placed on our site that includes a Pro monitor. Must use code "CCPRINT" when placing your order to apply this offer!


Limited edition @cannabis.creation print you will receive while supplies last.


If you'd like to support Liam directly, his website is, and he mentioned that "any print purchases are greatly appreciated as it allows me to continue creating." His Instagram pages are @cannabis.creations and @thecensoredcanvas, and we recommend you check them out! Let's do what we can to uplift the creatives in our community; it wouldn't be the same without them.

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