Growing With Pulse: Rowsofgreen

Meet our friend and partner @rowsofgreen_420, based out of Northern Ontario, Canada! He has been growing for 21 years on and off (daily for the last 10-15) and has been interested in gardening as far back as he can remember.

How long have you been growing?
"I have always been into gardening. Even as a child I would help out my grandmother in her flower and vegetable gardens. As time passed on, I picked up the passion for growing cannabis. I started outdoors, and I needed to come up with some pretty strange ways of cultivation due to it being illegal. A good example is a watering system I would use. I would hook up water lines into beaver dams of ponds (stick a pipe in the dam) and run the lines downhill and fill a water tank or drum. I then used maple syrup lines to distribute the water to the plants. This was all hooked up to an electric water valve timer and a car battery. This way, I only needed to enter the grow every couple weeks. Those were the good old days, maybe 15-18 years ago. It's fun to look back on how the times have changed."

What's your preferred style of growing / go-to methods?
"My preferred way of growing is indoor. I grow organically and use my own recipes that have led me to be very successful. I was originally turned on to organics by the late Subcool (RIP). A lot of my recipes are based around his, especially the supersoil recipe I use for my outdoor."

What is your current setup lookin' like?
"Well, I have a few different spaces. I am a licensed medical grower so this lets me grow more plants than what my province allows for rec. I currently run two 4x4 tents, two 2x4 spaces, and a 3x3 at my home. I'll typically run 4-5 plants in each 4x4, and I'll try to squeeze 3 into a 2x4 at times. I also rent space from a friend who owns a facility. That's where I work on most of my projects as I'm able to do bigger pheno hunts."

Do you have any short or long-term goals on your current grow journey?
"Right now, I am happy where I am at. I keep busy with all the growing and my YouTube channel along with other side projects. I guess one goal is to continue my breeding and to produce cultivars people can grow and enjoy. I would like a few more strains in my inventory, but as you know, doing it properly takes time. I have a new strain I have been working on and we are about to start testing it. I already have one release on my website; it's called ReWind and is a producer."

Where can people support you?
"I have my YouTube channel called Rows Of Green. You can find that here - Instagram is: @RowsOfGreen_420 - join my discord as we post pictures along with a help area and a community who can talk with each other"

Go scope out @rowsofgreen_420's content if you aren't already following him and check his website, as well as his other platform links above! At a time when social media is giving growers such a hard time, we have to support each other however we can and put in a bit of extra work to stay connected and help one another grow! We look forward to sharing more cultivators, facilities, and retailers with you in upcoming Growing With Pulse features.

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