The Ultimate Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) Guide

"Why devote an entire guide to VPD?" you might ask. The answer is that the vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is extremely important for growing plants.

VPD helps you identify the correct range of temperature and humidity to aim for in your grow space. With VPD you can achieve the best results while avoiding pest and environmental problems. VPD also controls plant transpiration rates, stomata opening, CO2 uptake, nutrient uptake, and plant stress.

If you master VPD, you master your environment and become a better grower.

What is VPD?

What is VPD Infographic

Infographic: How VPD Affects Plants

VPD Chart Maker and Calculator

VPD Chart Maker and Calculator

VPD and Indoor Growing

Indoor growing comes with huge advantages. You get to have control over the environment that your plants grow in. Environment is one of the essential “knobs” you can twist in order to get better results in your grow, and VPD is the key part of that formula.

Take the Guesswork Out Of VPD

VPD Chart Maker and Calculator

Learn how to dial in your grow room's environment using VPD.

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