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Pulse One
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Just wanna say thank you to Kohl’s for the fast replacement pan shipment of new device excellent customer service

Game Changer

I have the pulse 1 and a pulse pro. Pulse 1 is awesome and still gets the job done... I recently wanted to integrate Co2 into my grow and most of the reliable monitors are quite expensive. Also wanted to get a spectrometer... those things are outrageously priced! But I get it... enter Pulse Pro! For the fraction of the price of just one of those instruments, you get both and more with the Pulse Pro! Yes! That! Good!!!! Now I can dial in as close to what I really actually want to do! If you're on the fence... don't be! It's worth every penny! And I haven't even mentioned the convenience of having it set up thru wifi!!! Just get it!!!

The Necessary Versatile Tool

I can’t believe how long I went without measuring my CO2 and my PPFD. I didn’t at first because other companies are super expensive and for only one kind of device. This pulse pro is a game changer, its mobile so I can measure all the lights in my house and the sun and the shade to ensure good PPFD for all of my plants.
And its totally cheaper than any other “real” CO2 meter worth its salt. This helped me figure out the weak points in my grow, ensured my environment and helped me figure out what to do next. The Pulse Pro is where it’s at.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Pulse One
Faulty / Broken upon arrival

I hung the meter from my tent and right off the bat was getting inconstant readings. I tried to level it out over a weeks period to no avail. I returned the meter for a refund and went with with another brand of meters. John was very helpful and easy with the return transaction-

This thing is sweet!

I love this thing! I’ve only been growing a little over a year now and I have 2 tents set up and with the spectrum reader I can finally dial in the ppfd. And to be able to look and make sure my VPD is on point. And completely surprised when I found out it’s wireless, this way I can easily take it to my other tent and dim or increase the lights. Co2 thing is pretty cool too but I’m not supplementing ., house floats around 800+. Overall this thing is sweet! Thanks

First timer

This device is the tugboat keeping the ship floating in the right direction.

Love it

Just bought one for the veg room and will definitely be purchasing one for the flower room as well

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Great product but would like real time for price

Great product but for price would like real time not 1-2 minutes after and a controller for these devices would be nice and a media ec and water content and temperature sensor would also be nice

It’s amazing as Usual

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)


First of all, I NEVER leave reviews. EVER!
So the fact I’m writing this shows how serious I am.
Pulse pro has changed the game for me. If your looking to take your grow up a few notches this product is a MUST! Can’t say enough about this pro. I love it

Great monitor

Surprised how easy the pulse pro was to set up and use. Plug and play, gives you all you need to provide the optimum environment for plants. Have learned so much since using it, tells you what to do to keep the vpd lined up. The light meter seems a little off, but not sure if i did the spectrum reading right. Anyways, get yourself one of these and you will be glad you did. Will help greatly. Monitor from your phone, awesome.

Essential tool in the grow

This is my second Pulse monitor and I couldn’t be more impressed. Having the ability to remotely monitor my grow is essential for maintaining a productive environment. The journal features are easy to use and have provided us an easy way to track changes. The calibration feature allows you to dial in your room exactly. I’ve tried four other monitors and none of them compare to the Pulse.

Sour D


Great product, has a lot of useful features. Helps feel a lot more comfortable with height of lights and also knowing if your CO2 is low if you use any kind of product to supplement CO2 into a grow space. Great design allowing it to be hung at canopy level with the wiring frame in the back of the pulse. All in all great product and company.

Pulse pro review

The pulse pro has been great! I hooked it up the day it was received and I have not had any issues with it yet. I calibrated it to my pulse original and everything has been reading smoothly. It’s the same great device as the pulse original, but with added features that really give you full control of your garden. Loving the par/co2 reading feature, and still, my favorite feature is the journal!!

Must Have

When you know... you know!
Keep the great products coming!

Super excellent!

Everything as expected and even more!

Pulse One

Its just ok a little expensive for its worth.

Love it.

Co2 monitoring completes the package - awesome product!

Pulse One
No stress, just fun!

Honestly it’s rare for me to rate 5stars on products and services, being picky as I am. But Pulse deserves a 5+! This product literally made me fall in love with growing again. I was used to grow outdoors but due to personal life changes I was “forced” to move to an indoor system and even knowing the basics I battled for over 3 months getting nothing but killing plants. I wasn’t able to get things right, my setup was good, I knew what I was doing but I was missing something, my plants weren't developing and I was puzzled and frustrated. Little did I knew that my old meter (Temp/RH reading only) was way off calibration causing all my problems. Pulse arrived and in a very short period of time I was able not only to literally save the plants I had but also to watch their exponential growth. I couldn’t believe my eyes! After all the stress and time wasting I was finally enjoying all that again and having fun while growing. The product is beautifully made, sleek on appearance, has the right size and shape, very easy to setup, literally plug&play! The app is wonderful as well and it did not slowdown my phone. I still need to figure out one little thing on the app (time/clock) but it doesn’t change my overall impression at all! I cannot overemphasise enough how much I love it and recommend to others.

works great

Works just as well as the pulse one. I have three now and all are great.

Must need product for any grower

Invaluable device that simplifies my overall workflows and provides extremely detailed data points in real time. I need to order a second one to be honest!

Pulse One
Pulse one

Its great! It works as it says it does.