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Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
T.K. (Virginia, United States)
First Timers

Thanks guys for the great device, device is an understatement. It is so much more than just a device. It is the ultimate tool for indoor cultivation, no matter what you grow or the method that you use. Me and my son are new to Growing indoors, although I do have experience with growing vegetable gardens and plenty of them. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc and I was always pretty good at it. This new project growing a species of plant that has many uses. And growing it indoors, I knew it was going to be challenge. A challenge that I was looking forward to and one that was going to be fun.
While our seeds were germinating, I was doing research on cultivating indoors. I found a reference to the pulse, in a DIY website. So I
looked into it further and it didn't take me long to figure out that having the Pulse Pro would be a game changer. It kind of felt like cheating, lol. But at the same I knew the Pulse Pro was going to give me the information needed to successful at my new hobby
Once I received our new Pulse Pro, I showed my son what I had purchased for our project, he was very excited. It has been an absolute pleasure growing using the Pulse Pro to guide us along the way. I think that using the Pulse Pro is going to be the difference of being successful in our grow. Our plants are in the flowering stage now and are looking great. The Pulse Pro gave us the information and goals for each stage of the grow. That was needed to, in other words keep the Weather dialed in where it needed to be.
Thanks again Chris and Pete for the great device. I look forward to sharing the end result of our first project with everyone.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
V.i.f.G. (Virginia, United States)
Incredible tool

I am new to growing, but I have been in IT my whole life. This tool gives you real-time, actionable data. I am able to read the data on the app and make changes in real time to my environment to meet the optimal growing environment. I am not sure how I would do it without it, and the plants seem to be loving it. I cannot wait to see what comes next from Pulse. A water temperature probe would be really cool. Keep up the great work guys. I would 100% recommend this to new and established growers.

Pulse One
C. (Massachusetts, United States)
Works well

Easy to use and works well

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
P.T. (New York, United States)
Amazing tool

It does exactly what it says. It helps me keep my plants right in their happy zone and it allows me to change/dial in my light spectrum on the chilLED boards. Would recommend to any grower wanting to stay on top of their grow

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R. (Oklahoma, United States)

We are collecting data for crop steering and wanted a portable handheld to spot check and really dial in our lighting PPFD at various heights and adjust intensity.
This hit the mark spot on and as a bonus since our lights have adjustable spectrums we can see what’s actually being put down for Spring, Summer and Fall.
The Pulse Pro was a great choice all Pros, only Con would be if they could make more shock resistant or a case for a industrial setting. (You drop it , it’s toast)

Pulse One
P.B. (Oregon, United States)

I like that I have instant feed back wherever I go. This is my first grow so I am learning what the perfect levels are right now. Any tips for newer growers would be welcome.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
J.N. (California, United States)

I thinks the body needs to be more durable. Upon arrival the body was open and the chip was out . Managed to put it all back together but from time to time it will still crack back open .

Pulse One
s.c. (Michigan, United States)

Pulse One

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
M.S. (Maine, United States)
An essential key to knowing your gardens status!

We will never be left the dark about the gardens environmental parameters with the Pulse Pro. Logging and alerting the current and past info about the gardens status is a very important factor in growing success and consistency. If you are away from your garden there is a mobile app available you can be alerted if the temps or humidity spike past a set value, potentially saving an entire crop. This is an essential tool we use in all our rooms.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R.A. (Departamento de Montevideo, Uruguay)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
J.w. (Michigan, United States)
Pulse pro

Great product! A little bit iffy on my c02 readings as it seems to jump all over. Other than that I really have enjoyed the pro! Taught me a handful in the few weeks of ownership

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
s.p. (Victoria, Australia)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R.M. (Virginia, United States)
Enjoying the Pulse Pro But……..

Over all, I do like the device. It’s super cool to be able to get all the info you need. As a new grower, I wish it was way more friendly app wise. Like, I have no idea what VPD I’m suppose to be running. I assumed that the device would tell me where to be and be way more helpful to dial in. Instead it just gives me the data, which is cool, but I assumed it would tell me more what to do.
Now there is a reference of “what to do” but it’s more of, raise your temp or lower the humidity.
I think I could just have printed the chart online and known the same tip.

I find my self more having to pull up the actual chart on my phone (not in the app) to see where I’m at.
I think the app needs some updating. It’s super basic and also just looks “old” as far as lay out.
I’m sure some updates will come out. But that’s my two cents.

The Par meter is cool. Honestly it takes soooooo long to register that my arm gets tired holding the device to get a reading. Half the time I have to keep refreshing, giving my arm a rest and then try again. I do eventually get the data. But it does take a while.
The spectrum reading is super in depth which is cool. But again. It’s kind of a hassle how long it takes to register. I also have to keep going to from environment then back to settings to get the blue icon to recheck par because it disappears after you hit it once and then takes soooooo long to get the data Which is a hassle. Maybe I’m being picky. Just for $500, and it being 2021, I would expect it to be must faster to register.
I’m also plugged in to power directly. So it’s always ready.

Overall. It’s a good device. I think the app is just way far behind and not new grower friendly. So hopefully they will work on a WAY BETTER update and make it way more user friendly, especially for newbies.
I also can’t even find the VPD chart on the app. Which is a hassle. I have to log out, hop on my photo library and go find the screen shot I took or Google. Which is like, I just spent $500, why am I still googling a chart…… It’s annoying.

Not bashing the product. I do like it. I have referred some friends to the device. But again. The app is just ugh………..
I think in hind site. I would have rather bought the cheaper version and then bought a real Par Meter. I honestly only wanted a par meter to dial in my light. I assumed This would be a better option to buying a par meter and a environment monitor since that would have cost me over $700. The other stuff is cool. But knowing now how non user friendly the app is. I would have spent the $500 on a par meter and $200 on the cheap environment monitor.

I would and have recommended the device. It’s just man. For $500 I expected a much better experience (App Wise).

Hope they are planning to completely overhaul the app.
That’s my main beef is just. The app is so old school, it looks like a desktop version on a smart phone. And is not user friendly to a newbie who was relying on this to help me dial in. I could have just printed a chart and done a majority of all the adjustments without the device.

Side note. After knowing my par. My girls look SOOOOOO HAPPY.

I wouldn’t return the product. It is cool to able to see what my tent is anywhere. But. I did expect a better experience.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
J.M. (Michigan, United States)
Good Stuff!

Seems to work great. I don't really have any other sensors to compare that accuracy of everything but I'm assuming it's close since they use higher end components. I enjoy data and graphs so it's cool to watch what my environment is doing as things are changing. They initially sent me the wrong size cord so it didn't fit in the channels on the back of the device. I didn't really know any better but they actually caught this in one of my Instagram photos and reached out to me and sent me the appropriate cord. They have a fantastic team and great customer service. I'd recommend them and this device over and over again.

VPD Chart
L. (Colorado, United States)
Pulse vpd chart

Pulse is great company with amazing customer support and service their easy view vpd chart is a great visual guide to always make sure your in optimal Parameters can’t wait to upgrade to pulse pro model!

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
S.B. (Michigan, United States)

It's a good for me.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
T.B. (Ontario, Canada)
Pulse pro... even better than the original

added a pulse pro to my flower room.. I was able to now use the pulse one in my veg area.. the light spectrum meter is amazing for dialing in my leds and the co2 monitor has been interesting .. I will now be adding co2 supplementation as I had no idea I was running so low... Thanks again for the great customer service being a repeat customer sure has it privileges and I am looking forward to your companies progress and innovations.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
T.G. (Region de Valparaiso, Chile)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Pulse One
R.v.S. (North Holland, Netherlands)
its all good maynnee

see title

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
C. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Enablement and Visibility

Pulse Pros enable our operation (MSO) with 24-7 visibility for our operators, and accessibility to our data for analytics. Implementation time is very fast and at much lower cost than integrating with our existing instruments.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
S.S. (California, United States)
I’m loving it!

It really helps tell me everything at all times! Co2 levels, humidity, temp, and everything

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Does everything well except...

So this thing does everything as advertised very well except you need a subscription to get VPD alerts. Unfortunately that is why I paid so much for this device. 100+$ per year to get alerts is really limiting this device for me and probably for many others.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
P.F. (Ontario, Canada)
Great product

Just needs a user guide

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
K. (New York, United States)
Amazing device to have

At first , I was hesitant to spend the money on this gadget. But did some research plus the reviews I read, helped me to make the best decision. WOW! Highly recommended. I am very impressed.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R. (Minnesota, United States)
What I didn't know, was holding me back.

This is a very unique product, and it seems to work fairly well. So far, I haven't had any issues with the unit itself connecting or staying connected, or connecting to it. The UI could use improvement on mobile, I haven't tried the desktop version yet - full disclosure. The time range selections should be adjustable to the minute (i.e. show me data from 06:04:00AM--06:15:00PM). The data point levels on the outside of the graph when viewing trends should be boxed in - or- separated from the actual trendline graph so they can be read easily. The only other potential downfalls would be the light sensor in relation to the hanging or mounting position, and the need for "shielding" or keeping the unit out from direct light for the temperature sensor? this struck me as odd, as the unit itself should be providing this "shielding". perhaps a different material, or vent on the unit could improve this?

All in all I am extremely happy with my purchase. This tells me what I didn't know before, and is upping my game in a major way. Major respect to the creators.

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