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TEROS-12 Retrofit Kit
I.O. (Quebec, Canada)
Works great

The retrofit kit works great, plug, set up and go. Very simple to hook up and 24 hour monitoring with graphs has been a game changer as far as knowing exactly what is happening in my substrate.

Hub Starter Kit
I.O. (Quebec, Canada)

I purchased a few pulse hubs in order to monitor my flowering rooms, they have been very useful. I am able to monitor my environment both in my room and in my soil, I also added a PH and a EC sensor in my runoff drain at the end of my tables. It is very convenient to have everything at my fingertips and amount of time I save on going to take Manual measurements is exponential. This is a very useful and affordable tool for everybody’s garden.

Pulse pro

Outstanding!!! A must have! Hugh quality

Hub Starter Kit
M. (Louisiana, United States)

Hub Starter Kit

Pulse Pro
B.M. (Massachusetts, United States)
Best All-in-One Grow Monitor!

This device is worth every penny ! If you are looking for a way to monitor your VPD , CO2 Levels , get consistent and precise readings for your Temperature and Humidity with easy to use technology .. this is for you.

It even had a built in PAR/PPFD meter , so if you are changing your lights or moving the light distance around during different stages of growth , you can check to see if you are within your desire range . It’s not *quite* as accurate as say an Apogee PAR meter , but with all of the other capabilities it does the job !!! (It reads within 50-100 PPFD of the Apogee)

Great device !!!


Real-time EC data hard-lined into my water supply is how we make sure the well water doesn’t suddenly or drastically change.

VPD Chart
K.H. (Oregon, United States)
Cod chart

Letters and number are big and readable

Pulse Pro
O.L. (California, United States)

Pulse Pro

Pulse Hub Base
S.S. (Texas, United States)
ATG Acres

High tech! These advanced monitoring systems allow ultra cohesive data collection that perfectly suits my needs.

Pulse One
D.A.K. (Colorado, United States)
Great Hardware, Free-mium Software

I really like the Pulse Sensor after trying to get an old SensorPush System at my facility to work was found to be futile. The setup was easy and I was happy to not need a "hub/brain" or a degree in IT to make it work. The reporting is clean and concise.

That being said after purchasing a $200 Sensor I was hoping for a little more on the back end to aggregate some data to show other people. Small reports once a week hasn't impressed anybody but me!

Ill be buying more and biting the bullet on a premium subscription so I guess they got me. 10/10 would buy again just don't expect the full suite of features.

Hey Dillon, thanks for the feedback. What kind of data aggregation are you looking for?

Hub Reservoir Kit
А.R. (K'alak'i T'bilisi, Georgia)
waited so long

but a product arrived that does not work and no one wants to help me

We've got a replacement device on the way to you. Sorry for the trouble you had contacting us, if you ever need to get a hold of us again, please email, use our live chat widget, or call us at 1-888-537-8573

Pulse Hub Base
S.M. (Michigan, United States)
Game changer

Pairing the pulse hub with Teros12 substrate sensors has been an absolute game changer for me. I could almost immediately see the difference in my plants responding to what I was giving them. Accurate, affordable data is a must when crop steering and pulse has made that possible for me. 10/10 highly recommend!

Pulse Pro
N. (Michigan, United States)
Next Level Monitoring!

Pulse brings the next level to advanced monitoring and environmental data! Love the webapp and wifi connectivity with alerts on all your vital stats in your grow environment! Also the ability to monitor your PPFD and CO2 in the grow is huge, buying all of these devices separately would be much more expensive. The pulse pro can do all of these things in one small device! Love it and it has changed how we grow for the better!

Pulse Pro
b.h. (New Mexico, United States)

Pulse Pro

Pulse Pro
C.G. (Colorado, United States)
Pulse Pro

Deff a game changer in the garden it’s far more reliable than all the other sensors I had in my garden. I was wasting so much CO2 until I got my pulse pro. Plus the par sensor I can read ppfd and always have my lights at the right height now. Overall 5 stars.

Pulse Pro
S.S. (Florida, United States)

Pulse Pro

Pulse Pro

Pulse pro solved all my problems. Awesome thanks again!

Pulse One
M.D. (Colorado, United States)

Pulse One

Hub VWC Kit
New Pulse Hub

The new HUB is a fantastic product, but even better is the kind assistance and support of Pulse team. Thank you John and Chris!

Pulse One
P.R. (Minnesota, United States)
Great product

I hooked up my pulse monitor and so far it seems to be very accurate

PH-1: Industrial pH Sensor (Submersible/Inline)
J.L. (Colorado, United States)
Pulse hub

The hub won’t link I’ve tried in installing the app and everything in between. I have a bunch of sensors I haven’t got to even try yet

Hub Starter Kit
C.S. (Ontario, Canada)
Hub Starter Kit Installed

Another amazing product from the team at Pulse, just set up in the flower room today. Patiently waiting for the Teros 12 retrofit Kit, can’t wait to have the ability to monitor what’s happening inside the media.

Pulse One
T.N. (Jalisco, Mexico)
Never received

I won this in a contest and was shipped to me. Tracking shows it was never delivered

Hub Starter Kit
R.Z. (Michigan, United States)
Love the New Hub Unit

So I do my main growing indoors during the winter months. I still wanted to run it for a while anyways when it came. Must say. Love the newest member Pulse put out. Haven't ran it long but love what I am seeing.
The one thing I thought it would have with it was the light feature the last one had or like the pulse one does. Not disappointed. Maybe sad some. But you can still set your grow time on the Hub. Setup for it was super simple. Even a person with no experience can breeze through the setup.
Sensor setup the same.
Hoping to expand on mine eventually with some other Sensors one day.
I must say. Really like the Hub unit. Nice addition to my grow space.
Keep up the awesome products guys!

Pulse Pro
D.M. (Antioquia, Colombia)
Pushing me to be a better grower

Absolutely in love with the metrics and having the window open on my computer all the time - it's naturally driven me to learn more about optimal metrics during different phases of plant life.

Pulse Pro for the win!!!! Thanks for all you guys do