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Pulse One
j.d. (Connecticut, United States)
Works well, but disappointed it doesn't do PPFD

The unit is great, as it measures temperature, humidity, vpd, etc. All available via the internet, and has some nice graphs.
It works on batteries, or via an included long USB cord.

The only thing I'm not satisfied with is the light meter. When I bought it, the main reason I bought it was to measure PPFD in my tent. In fact, that was the only reason I bought it, as I have an AC infinity controller which gives me all of the other information provided. Even though it says it measures light, it's just a light percentage (0 to 100%) So I don't really know what that means exactly.

It never said anywhere that it doesn't actually measure PPFD, just "light" which is a bit misleading to me.

Hey-- thank you for the kind words and really appreciate the feedback! We have updated the One product page to be more specific about the type of light readings. One has a LUX sensor, primarily used for getting alerted when your lights are on or off at the wrong times. Pro has a more advanced light sensor for PAR and spectral readings.

VPD Chart

Was actually a little bigger than I thought, but it does what it supposed to

Pulse Pro

Loving it so far haven’t had it long, but does everything I needed it too

Pulse Pro

As described!

Pulse Hub Base

Works great! Super happy

Pulse Zero

Another handy and convenient addition to the grow .
I especially like the smaller streamlined design .

Pulse Pro
K.T. (Colorado, United States)

Amazing product! Highly recommend

Pulse Zero
S.D. (Colorado, United States)

I'm in love with the new unit. Fits anywhere I need it. Even in my small clone dome! Ridiculously easy to set up. The App makes it super easy to read and monitor. I definitely give this a 5 out of 5.

Hub VWC Kit
M.S. (Minnesota, United States)

Nice to have - still learning

Pulse Pro
G.E. (Central District, Israel)

Pulse Pro

VPD Chart
D.S. (Oregon, United States)
Great product.

It would be easier for my old eyes if there was no printing over the humidity levels on top of chart.

Pulse Pro
R.M. (Florida, United States)
Pulse Pro reviews

Hey guys, I still haven't setup the garden area in the store yet. Waiting on the Ag.department to send over my certificate of cultivation

Hub Reservoir Kit
K.L. (England, United Kingdom)
Grest kit with 5* customer service

Simply the best, I’ve a number of items from pulse - all top quality combined with world class customer service

Pulse Pro
M.L. (K'alak'i T'bilisi, Georgia)

Pulse Pro

Pulse Pro
T.B. (England, United Kingdom)
The all in one grow sensor for growers of all levels!

It can't be understated how important it is to know all the environmental metrics from your grow area. The pulse Pro is the all in one piece of kit that does everything you need in one little box. Not only does the pulse take ALL the accurate measurements you need (temp, humidity, CO2, PAR and spectrum) but along with the app it allows you to read and understand and digest the information in usable ways. Every grower can benefit from a full picture view of their plants environment!

VPD Chart
v.s. (North Carolina, United States)
i like it .

looks good beside being useful.

Hub Starter Kit
H.S. (California, United States)
Next level technology

This has far exceeded my expectations and is helping me control the environment for my peppers grown indoors. Knowing what the conditions are when you’re growing is the secret to success. Dialing in the VPD and keeping tabs on the EC and PH is a game changer. Thanks for putting out such an amazing product.

Pulse Pro
N.G. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Good deal

Great environmental monitoring for the price.

Hub VWC Kit
M.L. (Michigan, United States)
Highly Recommended

Pulse works great. It is easy to set up, easy to navigate online, and much more cost friendly than competing options for substrate sensors. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for more data collection in their grow!

VPD Chart

Perfect chart for keeping vpd in check easy to understand and a nice addition to the grow room.

Pulse One
k.a. (Georgia, United States)
I love not having to wonder

I know exactly what the temps and rh have been throughout the day. It's given me some peace of mind. Well worth it.

Pulse Pro
B.E. (Georgia, United States)

I trust pretty much every reading it gives. Pulse Pro lets me know if I’m very very close to where I want to be or way off. It makes you want to learn more.

VPD Chart

Love it. Great visual to teach with

Hub VWC Kit
J.J. (Mississippi, United States)
Good product with good potential.

So far so good. My only concern is how it looked when I offloaded data. Was kinda jumbled

VPD Chart
E.S. (New York, United States)

I use this chart every day. I love it.

Glad you're loving the chart!