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Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
J.P. (Washington, United States)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
K.K. (South Dakota, United States)

If I could keep it connected to WIFI, I’d love it.
I spoke to customers met service, and they suggested a WIFI extender, so I have one ordered.

My question/suggestion: I live in a 2 story, 1500 ft home. Why can’t the Pulse Pro be manufactured with a built in extender? At the cost of the Pro, adding a $30. part just seems appropriate if Pulse knows theirs an excellent sting problem. And they do know. The tech had a recommendation for an extender on the very tip of his tongue.

Please dont misunderstand me. I KNOW that when the Pro stays connected, it’ll be a game changer for sure.

Thank you all. Fine piece of equipment.

Hi Kyle,

It has more to do with the home WiFi setup, the surrounding radioscape (your neighbors WiFi , etc), the distance between your router and the Pulse, and what material (walls, etc) is between your router and the Pulse.

Putting a WiFi extender on the Pulse wouldn't boost the signal at that location, since there's already not enough signal where the Pulse is in your case. You would want to put the extender BETWEEN where your Pulse is and where your router is so that it can extend the WiFi signal further, so that it can reach the location of your Pulse device.

We have a recommendation for a cheap WiFi extender because this is a relatively common problem some people have with their WiFi setup at home.

Hope that clears things up,

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
W.S. (Massachusetts, United States)


Pulse One
P.S. (North Carolina, United States)
The Pulse is an awesome tool

The Pulse products are worth every penny. It really helps for seeing problems that can be course-corrected before it's too late. It makes managing enclosed environments easy. I've been a firm believer that you can't manage what you don't/can't measure. This thing measures constantly, every three minutes. It is an invaluable tool.

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
M.I. (California, United States)
Great Product!

Awesome device. Works as advertised. Will be buying another one soon.

Pulse One
J.B. (Maine, United States)
I don't know

10 minute inputs make a really dirty sine wave

Pulse One
T.H. (Arkansas, United States)
Absolutely the best grow room monitor.

After using two competing products, I tried the Pulse. The app works well and the alerts push through almost immediately. I will definitely be getting one for every room I operate.


Great product and bust of all support. American support team. That take care or customer. Such a lost art. I will buy more.

Pulse One
B.l.Y. (Ontario, Canada)
Replacement Unit

Had a problem with the light sensor with my previous unit. These guys went out of their way to get me my unit and my system back up and running.

Unfortunately ups was hitting me with a large shipment fee for a unit that was a warranty replacement. I did enquire about any fees that would be incurred and was told it would be handled. Ups order was declined by me when fees were requested and now I am on the hook for the fee anyways. Pulse did go out of their way to send another unit through usps.

Anyways, the unit works well, it does a great job of notifying me on issues, and the environment where the pulse is monitoring is the healthiest and happiest in my grow.

Unfortunately ups and over the boarder shopping large fees by ups would prevent me from getting another or upgrading to the pro version directly from the company.

Pulse One
N.M.B. (New York, United States)
Tells the temp, rH and VPD for $200. Want more? Pay more.

If you want additional people (employees) sharing the info, or the ability to export your data or if you want VPD alerts: you have to pay a monthly subscription service. A little cheeky if you ask me. You have lots options for monitoring temp and rH, this just one of them at an elevated cost.

Pulse One
B.S. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Must in a grow room

Pulse grow is a must in a grow room.
I loved it

Pulse One
S.P. (Arizona, United States)
Great product

Reliable, compact, completes any grow large or small. Made in USA!!

Pulse One
T.W. (Virginia, United States)

Pulse One

Pulse One
D.S. (Montana, United States)
Just buy it already....

Never heard of VPD before but now I’m obsessed. If you want to dial in your grow like a pro you need a Pulse....interface is great and it already showed me I had a light that was coming on 5min early....we will be putting Pulse units in every room. Excellent product, we highly recommend.

Pulse One
O.A. (Bangkok, Thailand)
Grow Essential

I just set it up today and I know right away I won’t be growing without these! It helps me dialing in my room since the minute I plug it in

Pulse One
d.r. (Santiago Metropolitan, Chile)


Pulse One
J.S. (Washington, United States)
Great product

It works exactly as it should. I get to login to the app any time and make sure my greenhouse blackouts like it should. It's also nice to see charts of all my highs and lows and be able to adjust my equipment slightly and see the differences in the graphs. I'm very happy with my purchase! I'm actually about to buy a couple more.

Pulse One
E.R. (Queensland, Australia)

Can't do without my Pulse. A must have bit of kit that will help you grow better.

Pulse One
s.c. (California, United States)
Game changing

One of the most valuable purchases you can make for your grow.customer service is awesome too!!

VPD Chart
J.L. (Florida, United States)
Vpd chart

It’s bigger then I thought it would be! Awesome 👏🏻!! The only thing is I wish it was laminated, due to the vpd of the room I don’t think it will last long on the wall, lol

Pulse One
H. (Illinois, United States)
Pulse one

This thing is perfect for my needs. It’s really helped to dial in vpd. I’ve only had it a month and so far it’s working perfectly.

Pulse One
N.L. (Michigan, United States)
Pulse 1

So far so good I mean I love it there's alot to be said when I can leave my house and whip out my phone just to check the parameters or receive notifications if it is not👍

Pulse One
L.H. (Texas, United States)
I love it!

It arrived faster than expected. Easy to setup and use.

Pulse One
B.L. (Illinois, United States)

Pulse One

Pulse Pro (CO2/PAR/PPFD)
R.O.G. (Ontario, Canada)
Great meter

This is a great meter. I was impressed by the pulse one and even more impressed with the pro. It will always be part of my garden.