VPD Chart

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) is extremely important for growing plants. This chart will help you ensure you grow is maintaining a great VPD level.

VPD helps you identify the correct range of temperature and humidity to aim for in your grow space. With VPD you can achieve the best results while avoiding pest and environmental problems. VPD also controls plant transpiration rates, stomata opening, CO2 uptake, nutrient uptake, and plant stress.

  • 24" x 36" VPD poster/chart with glossy UV coating
  • Chart assumes a -2° leaf surface temperature
  • Ships separately, secured in a thick poster tube

For more info on VPD, check out our VPD guide that includes an overview of the importance of VPD and free digital versions of our chart & calculator:

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Customer Reviews

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R.R. (Kentucky, United States)

This is the best chart I’ve found. So easy to keep your vpd where it needs to be makes plants happy

S.L. (Florida, United States)
This may be my second review

Recently I was showing some info to a client in a video that shows the Pulse VPD poster on my dining room wall at home, well the owner mused that he’d like one at each of his multi state operations. Pulse was quick to help me get one to each. They are a great American business to work with

Appreciate the kind words and support Steven! Glad we were able to get your client setup with some charts!

S. (Santiago Metropolitan, Chile)
VPD Charts

Charts looking very good. They are a good way to familiarize for growers who doesnt understand a lot of VPD. For growers that knows about VPD and his benefits its a tool for a faster recognize of the transpiration rates of the crop.
The clients love it! in Chile we doesnt have a lot of space yet and the posters are very large for some people but always has his place in the grow building.
Thank you guys!

J.H. (Oregon, United States)

VPD Chart

E.E. (Michigan, United States)
So helpful

These are so great not only for our own garden, but our customers love these as well.

Happy to hear that you and your customers are loving the charts!